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Thanks Rachel!...My main concern is looking after my 95 yr. old mom and our 16 yr old cat.

What precautions and preparation I can take and acquire I'm trying to attain.

Everything is so expensive , as generators, food storage, battery powered stuff, (NO! Not electric cars!)..medical stuff, (NO! Certainly NOTHING from Phizer or Merdonna,or Aztrezeneca,etc..) and weapons...I have a few.

Really finding myself extremely exhausted and I know my health is deteriorating ( NO! I aint been vaccinated!...nor Tested!)..... I don't even take my prescription drugs much anymore as the "So-Called-"Family Physicians" quit on me!...I don't trust them anymore whatsoever!

The Dr that comes here to the house to see Mom I'm not real sure about either!

I was hoping to live long enough to see the demons (globalists) of the world (as gates and schwab and soros,,etc hung or shot or their jets crash.......

.......62 1/2 yrs and really getting sick and tired and worn out, but for now, I have to keep on going for my Mom and Spunky!....

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Excellent essay Rachel. One of your best! In fact, I’d like to post it on my site with your permission?

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Saw the ad for the idiot movie. Yeah... I'll go race out and watch it right after the latest idiot Disney Snow White, now called Snow White Privilege.

Harari on eliminating the "useless eaters," which Hitler called Aktion T-4 (look it up, you'll be appalled at even the ads they put out in public), I will repeat my dictum: For all those morally complicit, lazy, entitled types who want to "sit this one out," you cant; you won't... and they never intended for you to be ABLE to.

I have one family member I warned about the shot. Gee... I dunno.... I cited Dr. Martin Kuldorff, Harvard Univ. Medical School, Dr. Harvey Risch, Yale Medical School, Dr. Martin Markary, Johns Hopkins Medical School, Dr Jay Bhattacharya, MD PhD, Stanford Medical School, Lancet, BMJ, NEJM, the CDC itself, which said Jan. 19 almost two years ago that natural immunity was equal to or better than the shot... .gee.... I dunno, read it yourself here https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/71/wr/mm7104e1.htm#contribAff

Unfortunately, he has as much money as arrogance. His reponse to my warning, which I maybe emailed once every four months, and VERY gently? A terse, "Quit emailing me." So I did. Last report his wife has finished her second round of serious Covid... and still not interested.

Normally bias is stupid. But now it even kills. Quod erat demonstrandum

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Great work Rachel. Sharing.

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